I am an experienced and trusted supplier of car trackers and vehicle tracking systems to the aftermarket. It is the main focus of my business and I have carried out many successful installations using products from the likes of Vodafone, MetaTrak and Scorpion Automotive.


Category S7
MetaTrak S7 £349 (inc 1yr subscription)
ScorpionTrack S7 £349 (inc 1yr subscription)
Vodafone Protect & Connect 6 £349 (inc 1yr subscription)
Category S5
MetaTrak S5 469.99 (inc 1yr subscription)
MetaTrak S5 Deadlock from 669.99 (inc 1yr subscription)
Vodafone Protect & Connect 5 £849 (inc 1yr subscription)
Other Trackers
MetaTrak Shield £299 (inc 1yr subscription)

MetaTrak Remote Immobilisation Module Available from £199.99.


Don’t settle with the dealers inflated Tracker supply & fit cost. Send me to the dealer to supply & fit the Tracker your insurance has requested.

  • I pride myself on my level of customer service & satisfaction and I am always Prompt, Polite and very Professional
  • I am a complete bespoke mobile installation service
  • I have exceptional attention to detail
  • 12 years experience working on high end vehicles


  • Can a tracker save me money ?

    Yes, by letting your insurance company know you have a tracker fitted it could save you money.

  • Which tracker do I need?

    Your insurance company will be able to tell you which category you need fitted.

  • Can you fit a tracker to any car?

    Yes, I can fit a tracker to any vehicle new or old, I can even fit a tracker that enables you to immobilise the vehicle via a smartphone.

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