I am an experienced and trusted supplier of the Blackvue, Thinkware, Novus (Fleet) & Virtus (Fleet) products to the aftermarket. These products are becoming ever more popular with the increasing fraudulent insurance claims & disputes that arise from car accidents.


DR-650S Front & Rear Cameras (32GB) from £349.99*
DR-650S Front Camera (16GB) from £229.99*
DR-650S Front & Rear Cameras (16GB) from £299.99*
DR-650S Front & Rear Cameras (64GB) from £369.99*
DR-650S Front & Rear Cameras (128GB) from £399.99*
F770 Front & Rear Cameras (32GB) from £269.99*
F750 Front Camera (16GB) from £199.99*
F750 Front & Rear Cameras (32GB) from £249.99*
F770 Front Camera (16GB) from £219.99*
Novus (Fleet)
Ruby 150 Dual Lens (4GB) from £259.99*
Silver 100T Front Camera (4GB) from £205.99*
Silver 150T Front Camera (4GB) from £225.99*
Ruby 100 Dual Lens (4GB) from £239.99*
Virtus (Fleet)
I can also offer the full range of Virtus Fleet products The Titan 1, Titan 2 & the Zeus

*Prices from are dependent on vehicle make and accessories needed to fit. For a more tailored quote, please submit an enquiry.

**Other models are available upon request.


For complete piece of mind when travelling fit witness protection cameras otherwise known as dash cameras, hopefully the footage will never need to be used but when needed knowing you’ve had me install on of the market leaders in cameras your footage will be clear & help insure you have a fair assessment of the accident.

  • I pride myself on my level of customer service & satisfaction and I am always Prompt, Polite and very Professional
  • I am a complete bespoke mobile installation service
  • I have exceptional attention to detail
  • 12 years experience working on high end vehicles


  • Can these be fitted at the front & rear of my car?

    Yes, these come as a one or two camera kit, you can even have a 360 degree view.

  • Is it possible to have these film all the time to film vandalism to my beloved Lamborghini?

    Yes, the Thinkware has that capability in built & its possible to add a little box of tricks to the Blackvue range to enable this functionality.

  • Can I use my smartphone to view & manage the footage?

    Yes, both the Thinkware & Blackvue have apps that can be installed to view & manage the footage saved.

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